Knowledge Center

The knowledge center offers resources related to Ci-Dev's work program in the following areas under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM):

  • development of new methodologies, standardized approaches and business models;
  • simplification of existing CDM methodologies, rules, tools and procedures; and
  • simplification of CDM project cycle and governance. 

Post-2020 Ci-Dev Portfolio Transition Report [PDF, 1.11MB]

The Impact of INDCS, NAMAs and LEDS on Ci-Dev Operations and Programs [PDF, 1.11MB]

A New Approach for Pre-Financing Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements for Household Energy Access Programs [PDF, 1.966MB]

A Standardized Crediting Framework for Scaling Up Energy Access Programs [PDF, 1.465MB]

Promoting Energy Access through Results-Based Finance within the Framework of the CDM: Assessing Business Models [PDF, 0.93MB]

Integrating Carbon Finance in Traditional Financing - Key Barriers and Existing Experiences [PDF, 0.74MB]

Mapping Donor Support for Low Carbon Development in Low Income Countries [PDF, 1.02MB]

Ci-Dev CDM MRV Study: Facilitating Credit Issuance by Improving the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Procedures and Issuance Rules of the CDM [PDF, 1.61MB]

CDM Reform 2012 [PDF, 1.88MB]

Ci-Dev Brochure [PDF, 2.26MB]

Standardized Baselines and Suppressed Demand [PDF, 1.17MB]