West Africa Biodigesters

On December 30, 2016, Ci-Dev signed an emissions reduction purchase agreement (ERPA) with the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation for the purchase of approximately 540,000 certified emission reductions (CERs) to be generated by biogas digesters installed in rural households in Burkina Faso through end 2024.

The project will support and help to scale up the National Biodigester Programme of Burkina Faso (PNB-BF) by funding program costs and support for groups of masons or Biogas Construction Enterprises (BCEs) engaged in construction and set-up of traditional domed brick biodigesters. These biodigesters convert animal manure to biogas for use in domestic cooking and other household applications. Under the program, economic and health benefits are expected to be generated for approximately 35,000 households through substitution of biomass and fossil fuels with the biogas. The program costs and BCE support funded by the purchase of the CERs include quality control and design improvements of the biodigesters, and ensuring BCEs are trained and prepared to manage the entire process from lead identification through to sales, construction and maintenance.