Ethiopia: Off-Grid Renewable Energy

Program Overview

Access to sustainable, reliable, and affordable electricity is fundamental for development. In Ethiopia, only 33 percent of households have access to electricity through the grid. Ci-Dev is helping to support a small but growing off-grid lighting market.

In coordination with the Development Bank of Ethiopia, a $60 million World Bank project is working to distribute 2.8 million solar lanterns and more than 200,000 solar home systems to households that are not connected to the electrical grid. These off-grid renewable energy products will replace polluting kerosene lamps and diesel generators.

Ci-Dev is purchasing the resulting emissions reductions and the funds will be used to strengthen after sale service of solar products. The warranty tracking and enforcement service, along with a battery replacement and maintenance incentive scheme, provide consumer rights protections and further bolster the market for solar products in Ethiopia. The Ethiopia Off-Grid Renewable Energy Programme of Activities demonstrates how carbon revenue can be used to reduce barriers to improve consumer confidence.

Implementing Partners

Program Documents

Relevant program documents can be found here.

World Bank Project details can be found here