Ethiopia: Biogas
Ethiopia: Off-Grid Renewable Energy
Kenya: Biodigesters
Kenya: Small-hydro
Kenya: Solar Lighting
Lao: Clean and Improved Cooking
Madagascar: Ethanol Cookstoves
Mali: Rural Electrification
Rwanda: Clean and Improved Cooking
Rwanda: Clean and Improved Cooking DelAgua
Rwanda: Rural Electrification and Clean and Improved Cooking
Senegal: Rural Electrification
Uganda: Rural Electrification
West Africa: Biodigesters


Ci-Dev programs focus on clean, renewable energy and underrepresented sectors that are selected for being innovative and transformational in nature.  Programs improve energy access, from providing cookstoves instead of three stone open fires; investing in clean cooking fuel; electrification and more reliable electrical connections; to more efficient waste management systems.  All programs must become registered CDM activities or result in carbon credits that are recognized by the UNFCCC – potentially including under the Paris Agreement.

As of June 2016, Ci-Dev has signed emission reduction purchase agreements (ERPAs) for thirteen programs – twelve in Sub-Saharan Africa and one in Asia. Most of these are Clean Development Mechanism Programmes of Activity for technical assistance and certified emission reduction (CER) procurement over parts or their full lifetimes in the areas of energy access to sustainable energy including rural electrification (grid extension, mini-grid, solar lighting and solar home systems), low-carbon cooking and low-carbon water filtration in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Programs in Senegal and Rwanda successfully tested the potential of the Standardized Crediting Framework (SCF) approach and have enabled the authorities in both countries to build practical experience in implementing it. This SCF pilots are a simulation that builds on current CDM activities in the Ci-Dev portfolio. During the pilot phase, this contracted program of activities will continue to operate under the CDM in parallel to the SCF, which reduces transaction costs and allows for a direct comparison between the two models.